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Have you let your property to a tenant and now wish you hadn’t? We can help you put that right! YOU HAVE RIGHTS TOO!

Take advantage of our free initial advice about the tenant eviction process call now for an informal chat our lines are open 8am-10pm 7 days a week!


If you want your property back, take it back, it’s your right and we are here to help you, just you, we only assist landlords.

Being a landlord, you have a great deal of responsibility. Problems can arise when you rent a property to a problem tenant. Non-payment of rent, breach of tenancy, anti-social behavior, the list can go on and on. Please allow us to tell you what you can do about it.

When you decide that you’ve had enough, you can suddenly find that the process of recovering your property is a minefield. On browsing the internet you will find advice that on the face of it seems very straightforward, only to find that 3 months down the road you have a duty solicitor telling a judge that you did not do this, that and the other and that either the notices that you served or the claim that you have submitted is invalid! Worse still he may well announce that your tenant, who has wrecked your property and owes you God knows how much in rent arrears, is going to counterclaim for the mistakes you have made in your preparation of the claim. All the mistakes that are made in possession claims are either made at the beginning or have already been made before you have even started. Counterclaims against landlords who were just unaware of changes in legislation when they issued the tenancy agreements can run into several thousand pounds and take months to resolve, during which time your tenant is still in YOUR property and still not paying rent! Get specialist help before you do anything. Our advisors at Remove A Tenant will check for possible pitfalls before the process begins and this initial advice remember, is completely FREE OF CHARGE!

The following questions may help you decide whether you need assistance:

  • Have I issued the correct agreement: AST, License, Lease etc.?
  • Have I served all the required prescribed information under the Housing Act 1988 & The deregulation Act 2015?
  • Is any deposit taken protected?
  • Are there any outstanding repairs about which you have been notified and not actioned?
  • Have you a current Gas safety Certificate?
  • Have you a current EPC Certificate?
  • Do you require a Landlord’s License (many UK Boroughs have introduced these schemes in recent Years)?
  • If you have already served notice, have you served the right one and have you served it correctly?

DON’T TAKE THE CHANCE! If you have answered “NO” or DON’T KNOW” to any of the above, call us now, REMOVE A TENANT. 0203 369 1883.

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